Implementing Design-Driven Innovation

This book is based on a decade of empirical analyses and pioneering implementations conducted through a number of academic research projects  and consulting assignments.

Through this research and implementations we have perfected the methodologies to achieve Design-Driven Innovations, such as the Design Direction Workshop, the Collaborative Innovation Workshop, the Interpreters Lab, the Knowledge Repository Process, the Interpreting Design Languages Database and Analysis, the Technology Epiphany Scenarios.

Roberto Verganti and his team at his consulting institute, PROject Science, have helped a number of executives and organizations to assimilate and implement these processes and methods. The most significant advancements in business, which create a sustainable competitive advantage, are those that combine practical industry experience and insight with robust methodologies developed through scientific research. We are therefore happy to support you and your organization, in the journey towards achieving Design-Driven Innovations.

Implementing the process and creating Design-Driven Innovation:
If you are interested in implementing our methodologies  and achieving Design-Driven Innovations, we can support you in:
- deploying the innovation process that better fit your strategy and capabilities
- building your privileged collaborative network of key interpreters
- creating, by directly joining your innovation team, those unique products and services that will make your clients passionate.

Learning more:
If you are interested on knowing more about Design-Driven Innovation, its strategy, process, methods and capabilities, or want to expose your organization to its  framework and tools, we can support you through our educational programs and workshops, which are tailored to your needs.

Teaching Design-Driven Innovation:
Roberto’s team at Politecnico di Milano have supported Schools interested on delivering content on Design-Driven Innovation. We have created and taught programs in several international schools, have designed joint programs, which may also include visits in Italy to design-driven companies, and have engineered the teaching material. Please look at the “Design-Driven Innovation Circle” for cases that can supporting class discussion.

Empowering, promoting, creating leadership:
Roberto Verganti is an active keynote speaker who has promoted the vision of design-driven innovation in several communities all over the world.